a Day with Price – episode 6: ‘Transportation & Mastication’

Spring has sprung dudes!…well as much as it can in the UK anyway… In this week’s episode, Brooke and Emma discuss the joys of public transport in London, BBQs and MEEEEEAAAAAAT, plastic bags and our nation’s obsession with plastic packaging…. oh oh, and we have our first guest, Miss Anne-Marie Kirby, who’s ‘Moany Moment’ is discussing the repulsive act of mastication on public transport.

a Day with Price – episode 5

A lot’s happened since the last episode, and Emma and Brooke are keen to dive straight in! This week, they discuss topics from babies to Barcelona, with some new segments (with some VERY snazzy jingles) along the way! Oh… and Emma promises that this week, pee is strictly off limits!

a Day with Price – episode 4

This week Brooke retracts earlier statements. Probably not the ones you think. Then we get down to business about whoopee cushions, the Wizard of Oz, marriage threats, single sex schools, Philip Pullman books.
Then things get serious as Emma and Brooke once again discuss pee. A lot.