Episode 13 – There’s a Prince Albert in my Shawarma

This week the pair celebrate getting the podcast up and out on time by supping on Lukozade and Ribena! It’s an eclectic smorgasbord for ya’ll this week… if you’re not into butt moustaches then avoid the first section… if you are, then call me 😉
B & E also discuss morning raves, tragic strippers with long dangly piercings (!), body modification (not for the squeamish), penis piercings, and (of course) the latest episode of Game of Thrones, which they discuss in great detail this week. Enjoy!
ALSO please get involved in our competition for a chance to win a home-made T-shirt designed by … US! To enter, simply write a creative review of the podcast on iTunes or Soundcloud, or Tiwtter @adaywithprice, or email us at adaywithprice@gmail.com.
Thanks to James Cook for his music, Venus de Milo from Anti Love Songs, and thanks to Dobby Dave for his editing skills. xxxx

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