Episode 20 – That’s Not the Sound it Makes…

Yo! Welcome to another episode of a Day with Price! This week, poor Brooke still has a cold, but still enjoyed a stag-do. The pair talk about Love Island for a second time (should we be worried?!)Emma went to Thorpe Park, and the pair decide they both have Vertigo, NOT a fear of heights. Burning cars get a brief, but important mention, and the guys recommend some real treats for your ears this week with their CLASSICAL MUSIC RECOMMENDATION SEGMENT: Brooke gets his nerd on and recommends some audio treats for you to get your love on to…. whilst Emma indulges in her love for all things Tudor. Thanks as always to Dave and James Cook (title track Venus di Milo from Anti Love Songs). Email aDwP at adaywithprice@gmail.com, Tweet @adaywithprice, and rates and reviews on S.Cloud and iTunes always welcome!
Music: Strauss – Royal Opera, Covent Garden, John Williams – Various, Greensleeves – Dean D.

Episode 19 – It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

This week’s bipolar episode begins with Brooke’s description of his time at the Star Wars Celebration, where he got muchos attention for his excellent costume, and literally had the BEST time! Emma tried to hire a car, and subsequently had literally the WORST time (with a lovely wedding in there too mind you)! The pair also indulge in their new segment, where they each recommend a piece of classical music for folks to listen to, and what food and drink to enjoy to enhance the experience. Get involved and send some pics yo! Tweet #adwpshow at @adaywithprice email adaywithprice@gmail.com and itunes and Soundclouds too of course! Thanks as usual to James Cook for the theme music and Dobby Dave for his techy skillz. Music used, Vivaldi – Budapest Strings; Holst – Royal Scottish National Orchestra. Peace x

Episode 18 – The Thrush Tent

This week, Brooke gets SOAKED and records the podcast wrapped in a towel like a soggy puppy… welcome to British Summer time! Speaking of Summer, Emma’s got her usual mosquito boils to moan about having been camping over the weekend! Said camping also involved a MOULDY THRUSH TENT though… there’s always something eh….? After extensive discussion, Emma decides thrush tent has to go.
Also on this week’s episode, the pair reveal the winners of the COMPETITION!! If you are one of those lucky people, you’ll be notified via social media and you’ll get your prizes sent out to you! Thanks for the entries. All rates and reviews still massively appreciated of course!! Thx 😉
The pair also discuss food supplements within their fun and sporadic FOOD SEGMENT, and also introduce people to their new segment RECOMMENDATIONS(now that Game of Thrones is done!), where they recommend some pieces of Classical music for ya’ll to enjoy, and what drinks and snacks to be consumed for ultimate pleasure!
If anyone has any great recommendations for us to discuss on future shows, get in touch via:
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Thanks as uuuuuujj to Dobby Dave for mastering the pod and James Cook for use of Venus de Milo from Anti Love Songs for theme music. xx

Episode 17 – Jon Snargaryan: King of the UKIPs

This week Emma and Brooke are joined by a four-legged friend called Monty! His contribution is extensive so this one goes out to the dog lovers amongst you!! After the mess that was the Brexit Referendum, the pair try to make sense of it all…to no avail obviously (if the Brexit campaigners can’t even stay to sort it out, you can’t expect these guys to!) Emma made it back safe and sound (ish) from Glastonbury Festival, and Brooke did a gig for the China Britain Film Festival and well and truly got the red carpet treatment!!
The pair also talk about the best show on earth – THE CHASE! Oh, and then talk about the second best show on earth…err…. GAME OF THRONES – THE SEASON FINALE!!!!! Spoiler boilers blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhh, give a toss dudes, cos it’s the last time you need to worry about ’em!
Competition is now closed, the winners will be revealed on the next ep. Email the dudes at adaywithprice@gmail.com Twitter: @adaywithprice and as usual rates and reviews on Soundcloud and iTunes SUPER APPRECIATED! Thanks to Dobby Dave and James Cook. Love xx