Episode 30 – Just Kiss De Girl

Welcome to another episode of a Day with Price, the CRASS-ical Music Podcast hosted by Brooke Day and Emma Price.
In this week’s episode, the pair have some fun discussing music
teaching, getting up too early, and the joys of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Brooke tries to teach Emma what a teenager is, and they talk about their weekly activities as freelance musicians. The duo then get down to business with their weekly RECOMMENDATIONS segment, and this week, in honour of World Ballet Day, it’s all about SHAKESPEARE!!!!! What does that have to do with ballet I hear you ask…. Well listen an see!
Enjoy peoplez. Contact a Day with Price: adaywithprice@gmail.com, Twitter @adaywithprice, find us on Facebook and other places and get the hell in touch. If you love the show, we’d love it if you could rate or review on iTunes! Thanks! Thanks also to James Cook for the theme music (Venus de Milo from Anti Love Songs) and to Dave for his help with the sound and the mixing. Cheers, aDwP x

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