Episode 38 – Trains and PLAINS

Happy Dorkcember errrybody! Welcome to a Day with Price, the CRASS-ical music podcast hosted by Brooke Day and Emma Price. This week, Emma has an Epiphany (a month early dear) that she now has TWO arch nemeses…..technology AND transport…. Brooke has been zipping back and forth from Christmas Land, and subsequently the two are in slightly different moods! After catching up on their weeks as freelance musicians in London, the pair get down to their weekly RECOMMENDATIONS segment, each recommending a piece of Classical music for you to get your teeth (or other bits?) into. ENJOY! Contact adwp: adaywithprice@gmail.com, Twitter @adaywithprice and we’re on Facebook too. How about recommending your face piece of music for us to talk about?! Thanks to James Cook for the use of Venus de Milo as the theme music xx

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