Episode 11 – Aioli on my Areoli

This week Emma and Brooke get a care package from a friend and listener, Emma gives up her secret salad recipe, Brooke complains about having too much food while at gigs and of course we ruin last weeks Game of Thrones episode.
Big thanks to Cort who has changed the game with a new microphone.
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Episode 10 – Hashtaghashbag

Sorry this episode is late dudes…. We finally got the sound right so OF COURSE something had to go wrong…..Anyway, this episode is full of giggles and other biz. Game of Thrones features so if you’re squeamish about spoilers, think about that when you hear the jingle, you big woose!!. Otherwise a cider-fuelled HA-fest episode ensues….SEE YOU THERE mofos. Love you long time. May the force be with you….your Momma too…..AND your Daddy.
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Episode 9 – We drink and we DON’T know things…

Oh jeez, where to begin guys….
SPOILER ALERT! Brooke and Emma are total idiots. Turns out they were never actually using the microphone properly. So then they turned it on (and were SO excited and smug bless ’em) but Brooke got all the mic and Emma talked in the bit that isn’t actually a microphone. ULTIMATE FACE PALM MOMENT. So….. apologies if it sounds like Emma’s in the next door toilet. Good mate Dave totally saved the day though.

This week there’s a LOT of bitching and moaning from these two. For starters, some American a/hole really rubbed Brooke up the wrong way, yikes. They also discuss past muggings, try to ascertain where the hell Zanzibar is, discuss the Fort McMurray fire… oh and Emma has big boobs and can never take her bra off else she’ll lose ’em!
Also, Emma saw DAVID effing DUCHOVNY perform with his band, and kinda lost her sh*t. And also could not remember the name of The Flaming Lips song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots to save her LIFE.
AND they discuss Game of Thrones S6 e2 so when you hear the jingle, there’ll be some SPOILERS.
AND AND Brooke’s celebrity crush is Glenn Close!!!!

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Theme song: Venus de Milo from Anti Love Songs by James Cook

Episode 8 – Cancer Awareness Month & Game of Thrones!!!

This week has its ups and downs….. from snow in springtime London to the new Game of *MotherFudging* Thrones episode, via a personal story from Brooke to raise awareness for Cancer Awareness Month (which was actually last month by the time you listen to this….doi), Emma and Brooke snort and giggle their way through another episode of a Day with Price. Also….Emma bought a sound machine…
SPOILER ALERT: We discuss past and present Game of Thrones plot lines and characters…. if you are not up to date (err why the heck not?!) then bear that in mind when you hear the (incredible) Game of Thrones segment jingle! 😉