Episode 16 – Don’t make it weird

Guys, Emma literally phones in her review of Game of Thrones this time. But it’s because she’s at Glastonbury for part of it. Filling in for her are two amazing guest hosts: Antonia Day and Digby Day. Who knows what happens in the rest of the episode? I haven’t heard it yet!!!
Thanks to James Cook as always for his excellent music and a special Thanks to Dave Holmes who took time out of his holiday to produce the episode. Couldn’t do it without those two geniuses.

Episode 15 – Testosteroverload

DISCLAIMER! Emma mixes and masters this week’s episode…so apologies if it’s a bit amateurish (unlike all previous episodes which are top notch!)
This week the pair discuss the art of being a highly functional blackout drunk, charity gigs and piano accompaniments, faggots (in the bassoon and log sense), getting shouldered in the street by a moron, the beautiful thing that is TESTOSTERONE!!!!!!!…..and……as always they discuss GAME OF THRONES, so the usual spoilers apply blah blah….
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A Day With Price Episode 14 – Everybody Clap Your Bits Together

This week B & E solve Ed Sheeran’s lawsuit over terrible music. Emma tells us about her school crushes and Brooke teaches her to play M.A.S.H. Brooke has to Google Stig of the Dump.
Is Emma a Daenerys or a Cercei? You decide.
Then they do a gig together and get down with Religion.
*HUGE GAME OF THRONES SPOILER* For those that haven’t read the books.
We get blessed with a phone call from Corey live on the air! Then he proceeds to annoy us for the rest of the episode. Thanks Corey!
We end with way too much info from Emma and she breaks her oath about not talking about pee.

Episode 13 – There’s a Prince Albert in my Shawarma

This week the pair celebrate getting the podcast up and out on time by supping on Lukozade and Ribena! It’s an eclectic smorgasbord for ya’ll this week… if you’re not into butt moustaches then avoid the first section… if you are, then call me 😉
B & E also discuss morning raves, tragic strippers with long dangly piercings (!), body modification (not for the squeamish), penis piercings, and (of course) the latest episode of Game of Thrones, which they discuss in great detail this week. Enjoy!
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Thanks to James Cook for his music, Venus de Milo from Anti Love Songs, and thanks to Dobby Dave for his editing skills. xxxx

Episode 12 – Give Me Some TANG And Hold The Door

We are very late this week and we apologise to you all! We promise that we are getting more organised.
This week Emma teaches us about working in an office during the bank holiday, how to deal with a hangover, and she defends London against an avid Aussie fan,,, we may need to use the Sorry Corey jingle again.
Brooke reviews Funny Girl while Emma reviews The Government Inspector.
Of course we chat about Game of Thrones episode 6 and spoilers are everywhere after the jingle so be warned people!

We love you, thanks for listening!