Episode 29 – The podCasting Couch

We got a new piece of furniture! We stopped sitting on the floor. What a bunch of grown ups we are! Emma talks teaching (because she makes people cry) and Brooke learns a lesson. Brooke goes on and on about collecting for buskers. Who cares Brooke?!?! And some top recommendations, as usual. Please enjoy.

Episode 28 – Episode Fantastique

Hey guys! Sorry this is so late. But this is a good one. Brooke and Emma get some bad gigs off their chests. So many stories to choose from. And the recommendation this week is a joint effort. It was two big for just one mouth. I mean to describe it in its full glory. Enjoy!

Episode 27 – Animals sense when you pause your podcast

Well we get derailed early by a hornet invading our studio. Once we dealt with it, we had to share about ten stories each about hornets. Emma thrills us with stories from ANOTHER friggin festival, including her Wicker Man-esque visit to the Isle of Wight. And then of course the transition back into normal working life. We get down to it with our new freelance artist format by complaining about being employable. Brooke had an annoying corporate gig. And of course *RECOMMENDATIONS*

Episode 26 – Pooping: if you haven’t, you should.

Dudes! We’ve decided to focus our show to be more about a topic close and dear to our hearts. *FREELANCE ARTISTS* So don’t fret, the show isn’t changing that much, just know we are gonna try and be more about things that we know about! Also We are changing our release day, not that we ever released on the right day, to Thursday. It seems we can’t get it up before then anyway. That’s what she said.
So this week we tackle David Duchovny, Gene Wilder, Brooke’s gig with Elvis impersonator Ben Portsmouth, Brooke has an amazing cheap steak and we get down to what’s the difference between Aldi and Lidl. Also Emma was underwhelmed by Jered Leto in Suicide Squad. Brooke is just jealous she gets to go to movies.
Recommendations as well. Enjoy!

Episode 25 – This is sounding like a Philip Pullman novel

Some important issues are discussed in this week’s episode of a Day with Price… for instance, do angels have genitals, or are they like Ken dolls??
Also on today’s agenda…cross-culture wedding fun, Shakira’s boobs, home cooking tips from Emma (listen at your peril), and whether Brooke is actually American after all… doi.
Plus, the regular RECOMMENDATIONS segment, where the pair recommend a piece of music/artist/composer/musical device…all for your sexy pleasure. ENJOY! Thanks to James Cook for the use of Venus di Milo for the theme music, Dave for teching it all up. Email adaywithprice@gmail.com, Tweet @adaywithprice and please rate and review on iTunes and here on Soundcloud. Peace and Poop xx