Episode 26 – Pooping: if you haven’t, you should.

Dudes! We’ve decided to focus our show to be more about a topic close and dear to our hearts. *FREELANCE ARTISTS* So don’t fret, the show isn’t changing that much, just know we are gonna try and be more about things that we know about! Also We are changing our release day, not that we ever released on the right day, to Thursday. It seems we can’t get it up before then anyway. That’s what she said.
So this week we tackle David Duchovny, Gene Wilder, Brooke’s gig with Elvis impersonator Ben Portsmouth, Brooke has an amazing cheap steak and we get down to what’s the difference between Aldi and Lidl. Also Emma was underwhelmed by Jered Leto in Suicide Squad. Brooke is just jealous she gets to go to movies.
Recommendations as well. Enjoy!

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