Episode 20 – That’s Not the Sound it Makes…

Yo! Welcome to another episode of a Day with Price! This week, poor Brooke still has a cold, but still enjoyed a stag-do. The pair talk about Love Island for a second time (should we be worried?!)Emma went to Thorpe Park, and the pair decide they both have Vertigo, NOT a fear of heights. Burning cars get a brief, but important mention, and the guys recommend some real treats for your ears this week with their CLASSICAL MUSIC RECOMMENDATION SEGMENT: Brooke gets his nerd on and recommends some audio treats for you to get your love on to…. whilst Emma indulges in her love for all things Tudor. Thanks as always to Dave and James Cook (title track Venus di Milo from Anti Love Songs). Email aDwP at adaywithprice@gmail.com, Tweet @adaywithprice, and rates and reviews on S.Cloud and iTunes always welcome!
Music: Strauss – Royal Opera, Covent Garden, John Williams – Various, Greensleeves – Dean D.

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