Episode 22 – Mozart, The Original Major 6th Gangster

Welcome to another episode of a Day with Price! This week, Emma regales her tale of being pooped on by a bird (whilst eating a sausage). Brooke gets some good sibling times in this week, and the pair somehow go seriously high-brow and start discussing philosophy (I know, right?!) Don’t worry, Brooke then moves on to Utilikilts and combovers, so the balance is once again restored… oh and then the pair slate Noel Edmunds (soz Noely!)
The RECOMMENDATIONS SEGMENT is pretty bangin’ this week as well: Brooke’s recommendation has a clue in the title of this week’s epissde, whilst Emma goes even more off-piste than last week, but it is WORTH IT! Thanks to James Cook for the use of Venus di Milo for the theme-music, and Dobby Dave for his constant help with the technical side of things. Email a Day with Price adaywithprice@gmail.com, Twitter @adaywithprice, or contact the duo on Soundcloud or iTunes, we’d love to hear what you think! Love from your friends Emma and Brooke 🙂

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