Episode 24 – Shaving Your Toes

WASSSSUUUUUUUPPPPP?!!!!! It’s that time of the week again dearies! On this week’s episode, Brooke and Emma discuss shaving toes…and other areas.. Other topics to appear: underwear lolz, Emma’s forthcoming hermit retreat, and BROOKE’S SHORTS AGAAAIIINNNNNNN, This week’s recommendations are both on an epic orchestral scale: Respighi’s The Pines of Rome and Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring. ENJOY xx Thanks to James Cook for theme music Venus di Milo from Anti Love Songs, and thanks to Dobby Dave for making our noises more tolerable. Contact ADWP at adaywithprice@gmail.com, Twitter @adaywith price #adwpshow. Peace x

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