Episode 100 – The Centurian

We have conquered the triple digit! Welcome to the hundredth Episode of A DAY WITH PRICE. We would lie to thank you all for being supportive and for tuning in whenever you can! We couldn’t/wouldn’t do it without you lovely people downloading and writing in. You rock.

In this episode we take some time to look back at all the garbage we have already produced. Also we look forward to the mountains of non recyclable garbage we will be producing for your ear disposal units in the future.

Brooke recommends a piece that is reflected upon itself, Der Spiegel Duo, often attributed to Mozart, but it’s not really by him.

As always get in touch, let us know a piece you want to hear us talk about, or just how we should change this dumb show now that we are 100 weeks old.
facebook, twitter, insta, all of it. go on.

Love you guys!

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